Ciner Group has grown to become the world’s largest producer of natural soda ash. Their plant, Ciner Wyoming, located in the Green River Basin has contributed to that success by producing high-quality, environmentally-friendly soda ash and distributing it around the world since 1962.

1962: Stauffer Chemical opens Big Island Mine and Refinery in Green River, Wyoming and beings producing 175,000 annual tons of soda ash from the mined trona.

1969: Production increases to over 700,000 tons annually with 100% safety performance and the mine earns the State Mine Engineers Award for Underground Safety.

1971: Fourth expansion begins and mine wins 1st Place in State Mine Inspector’s Safety Award and wins National Safety Citation: better safety record than remainder of entire chemical industry in ’67, ’68, and ’69.

1973: Gas supply line is completed running 32 miles and the mine wins Top State Mine Inspector’s Award.

1974: Green River leads U.S. in soda ash production.

1981: Added 5th Refinery Unit, won 1st Place awards for both Underground Mines and Surface Mines from Wyoming Mine Association, and recorded no lost time accidents out of 151,000 man-hours on surface.

1984: Conversion from conventional “drill and blast” mining to continuous mining begins with Ciner’s first continuous miner.

1985: Chesebrough Ponds acquires Stauffer Chemical.

1986: Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) buys Stauffer Chemical from Chesebrough Ponds, which had been taken over by Unilever.

1987: ICI sells Stauffer’s industrial chemicals section (soda ash business) to Rhone-Poulenc.

1996: Rhone-Poulenc sells its interest in soda ash business to OCI Company, LTD. The new North American subsidiary is named OCI Chemical Corporation.

1998: The first automated unit, Unit 6, began producing close to 1,000,000 tons per year.

2007: Alternate Energy project which allowed for dual fuel calcination capability.

2009: Decahydrate (DECA) plant begins recovering soda ash from the tailings ponds, increasing overall plant efficiency.

2013: OCI Initial Public Offering of the soda ash business as a Master Limited Partnership on NYSE under ticker symbol OCIR.

2015: Ciner Group’s subsidiary, Ciner Enterprises Inc., acquires OCI Chemical corporation (later renamed Ciner Resources Corporation).

2016: 2,000,000 Safe Man Hours without a Lost Time Accident Award and Ciner rings The NYSE Closing Bell® to officially celebrate the purchase of OCI Chemical Corporation and change the stock ticker to ‘CINR’.

2018: Ciner Group (Ciner Resources’ parent company) has grown to become the world’s largest producer of natural soda ash

From humble beginnings to today, our all-natural, environmentally-friendly mining approach has kept costs low, allowing us to distribute Ciner soda ash all over the world in a cost-effective and competitive manner. For more information on our soda ash products or services, please contact our Customer Service Team at (800) 865-1774 or