A Global Leader in Soda Ash Production

Founded in 2015, Ciner (pronounced ‘jin-ner’) Resources Corporation is one of the leading low cost suppliers of natural soda ash. Our facility in Green River, Wyoming has been producing high-quality, environmentally-friendly soda ash and distributing it around the world since 1962.

Our success as a company is a direct result of our people and the values on which our company has been built…Leadership, Integrity, Respect and Commitment. They are not just words to us, they define who we are as a company and how we operate every day. We are very proud of the fact that not only is our soda ash produced in a world-class facility that has the fewest emissions per ton, but our employees take a lot of pride in nurturing a culture where safety is a value, not just a priority. It’s how we do business; it’s who we are. At Ciner we truly believe the most important thing to come out of the mine are the miners.

Together with our colleagues in Turkey, we are the world’s largest producer of low cost natural soda ash.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, we are a subsidiary of Ciner Enterprises Inc., the North American subsidiary of Ciner Group in Istanbul, Turkey, and London, UK.

Ciner Through The Years
Stauffer Chemical opens Big Island Mine and Refinery in Green River, Wyoming and produces soda ash from the mined trona.
Conversion from conventional “drill and blast” mining to “continuous mining,” Ciner’s first.
Chesebrough Ponds acquires Stauffer Chemical.
Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) buys Stauffer Chemical from Chesebrough Ponds, which had been taken over by Unilever.
ICI sells Stauffer’s industrial chemicals section (soda ash business) to Rhone-Poulenc.
Rhone-Poulenc sells its interest in soda ash business to OCI Company, LTD. The new North American subsidiary is named OCI Chemical Corporation.
The first automated unit, Unit 6, began producing close to 1,000,000 tons per year.
Decahydrate (DECA) plant begins recovering soda ash from the tailings ponds, increasing overall plant efficiency.
OCI Initial Public Offering of the soda ash business as a Master Limited Partnership on NYSE under ticker symbol OCIR.
Ciner Group’s subsidiary, Ciner Enterprises Inc., acquires OCI Chemical corporation (later renamed Ciner Resources Corporation).
2,000,000 Safe Man Hours without a Lost Time Accident Award.
East coast port developed in Norfolk, Virginia enhancing Ciner Resources supply chain capabilities by providing access to soda ash produced outside of the US.


Oguz Erkan
Oğuz Erkan
President and CEO
Oguz Erkan was appointed as President and CEO in June 2019. Prior to this designation, Mr. Erkan served as Director of International Operations & Coordination. READ MORE

about Ahmet Tohma
Ahmet Tohma
Chief Financial Officer
Ahmet Tohma has served as Ciner Resources Corporation’s Vice President, Chief Financial Officer since March 2020. READ MORE

about Marla Nicholson
Marla Nicholson
Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary
Marla Nicholson was appointed Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary of Ciner Resources Corporation effective September 2019. READ MORE

about Ray Katekovich
Ray Katekovich
Vice President, Commercial and Corporate Strategy
Ray Katekovich joined Ciner as Commercial Director in June 2017. READ MORE

about Chris DeBerry
Chris L. DeBerry
Chief Accounting Officer and Corporate Controller
Chris DeBerry has served as Ciner Resources Corporation’s Chief Accounting Officer since July 2017 and Corporate Controller since October 2014. READ MORE

about Scott Hale
Scott Hale
Vice President, Business Development and Initiatives
Scott Hale joined Ciner as VP of Business Development and Initiatives in January 2020, focusing on… READ MORE

Over 7 million tons of domestic soda ash is exported annually, substantially contributing to the gross domestic product.

—U.S. Geological Survey, 2020 Mineral Commodity Summary