SweetwaterNow.com recently reported, “The Ciner Blue Rescue Team recently competed in the Kansas Shootout and brought home some championship hardware from that competition.

The mine rescue event takes place in Hutchinson, Kansas each year. Rescue teams from all over the nation competed using simulated mine incidents to hone their rescue skills. This year the competition ran from May 13-16th.

The Ciner Blue team walked away with first-place honors in each of the events. Ciner Blue won 1st place in the field problem, 1st place in the Team Tech competition, 1st place in the first aid competition and 1st place overall.”

Blue team members included Gary Ruiz, Brandon Findlay, Joe Wamsley, Jake Knutson, Dustin Smith, Zach Page, Karl Brady, Rich Clark, Neil Malicoat, and Chris Barker.

Ciner is proud to be honored for our rescue performance. We thank all of our employees for their dedication to working safely, focusing on the task at hand, and their constant situational awareness. Ciner Wyoming’s Big Island Mine and Production Facility is a four-time winner of the U.S. Department of Labor Sentinels of Safety award for being the country’s safest underground mine. Our mine and surface rescue teams are consistently among the best in the country, with seven national mine rescue and three international surface rescue championships. To learn more about our safety performance, visit www.ciner.us.com.

Source: SweetwaterNow.com. (2019, May 21). Ciner Blue Team Dominates Competition at Kansas Shootout Mine Rescue Event. Retrieved from https://www.sweetwaternow.com/ciner-blue-team-dominates-competition-at-kansas-shootout-mine-rescue-event/