Ciner (pronounced ‘jin-ner’) Resources Corporation is the world’s largest producer of soda ash. With corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, our 3.25 million short ton facility is located in Green River, Wyoming and has been providing the world with pure, all-natural soda ash since 1962. Ciner soda ash is used in a variety of industries and applications around the world including glass manufacturing, dry powder detergents, pulp processing, pH controls, specialty chemicals, and food manufacturing.

Ciner mines soda ash from the richest and most common source available, trona. The world’s purest, largest, and most accessible trona deposit is located in the Green River Basin, Wyoming. While the area supplies over 90% of the nation’s soda ash, Ciner is committed to preserving the basin as best we can. Unlike synthetic soda ash, which uses a number of different chemicals and predominates the rest of the world, Ciner uses an all-natural, environmentally friendly mining process. Our soda ash is mined from the naturally existing trona and refined with no additional chemicals added, ensuring a pure, high-quality product. Through detailed instrumentation, laboratory testing, and rigid supervision within our processing facility, we are able to maintain quality control and efficiency.

We are not only dedicated to supplying the world with superior soda ash, Ciner is also committed to the safety of our employees and our surroundings, including the communities and environment where we live and work. At every level, we nurture a culture founded on safety, integrity, leadership, commitment, and respect. In fact, if a job cannot be completed safely, it simply will not be done. Our exceptional safety performance and numerous awards are proof of our ongoing commitment to our employees. At Ciner, we truly believe the most important thing to come out of the mine is the miner.

Ciner is a proud member of the American Natural Soda Ash Corporation, or ANSAC, which manages soda ash supply chains. Through strong relationships, ANSAC minimizes costs and increases industry efficiency among customers, distributors, business partners, and member companies.

Our ongoing relationships, unparalleled customer service, continued innovation, and dedication to safety uniquely positions Ciner to meet global soda ash demands for decades to come. For more information on Ciner Resources Corporation, visit and stay connected for additional updates.