Soda ash is an essential raw material used in many applications and industries, including glass, detergents and soaps, chemicals, and building manufacturing. As such, soda ash is one of the most widely used and important commodities in the United States, contributing substantially to the gross domestic product. For this reason, the Federal Reserve Board incorporates monthly soda ash production data into economic indicators used to monitor the condition of the U.S. economy.

Generally a powdered or granular material, soda ash can be processed into three main grades—light, medium, or dense. Even though these densities have the same chemical properties and only differ in physical characteristics such as particle size and shape, industries require different soda ash densities to make a variety of everyday products, including dry powder detergents (laundry, auto, dish, etc.), pulp processing, pH control, specialty chemicals manufacturing (phosphates, chromium, etc.), and food manufacturing (yeast, baking soda, etc.).

Glass manufacturing remains the largest consumer of soda ash, accounting for more than fifty percent of world-wide production, whether it is in the production of containers, fiberglass insulation, or flat glass for the housing, commercial building, and automotive industries. The chemical industry is the second largest, utilizing approximately fifteen percent of soda ash production. As a raw material, it is used in the production of various chemical fertilizers (such as synthetic sodium nitrates and fragmented phosphates) and artificial sodium bentonites or activated bentonites. It is also used to manufacture synthetic detergents and in the following chemical industries: organic and inorganic coloring, enamelling, petroleum industry, and the fats, glues and gelatine industry.

In an effort to contribute only the best to our economy, Ciner Resources Corporation naturally mines trona ore from the Green River Basin in Wyoming, transforming it into high-quality soda ash in our above-ground facility. Our all-natural mining and processing approach keeps costs low, allowing us to distribute pure soda ash to industries all over the world in a cost-effective and competitive manner.

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