The 2018 National Metal and Nonmetal Mine Rescue Competition was held in Lexington, Kentucky July 23 – 26, 2018. Over forty teams participated and we are proud to announce Ciner Blue Team is the 2018 Mine Rescue Champion!

Congratulations to the 2018 Ciner Blue and White Team Award Winners:

  • 2018 Mine Rescue Champion: Ciner Blue Team
  • Team Tech Competition: Ciner Blue 2nd Place; Ciner White 3rd Place
  • First Aid Competition: Ciner Blue 3rd Place
  • Field Competition: Ciner White 3rd Place; Ciner Blue 4th Place

Wyoming Network News explains, “Mine rescue competitions are designed to sharpen skills and test the knowledge of team members who would be called on to respond to a mine emergency. The contest requires team members to solve a hypothetical problem while being timed and observed by judges in accordance with complex rules.”

At Ciner, safety is a value, not just a priority. In the face of emergency and disaster, Ciner Rescue Team Members step up and perform. We want to thank each and every member for their dedication and commitment to training—The Blue Team Winners: Ryan Becenti, Kael Brady, Rich Clark, Brandon Finley, Jake Knutson, Zachary Page, and Dustin Smith. The White Team Winners: Zach Boylen, Joey Carter, Zach Cary, Jeiremy Gomez, Paul Larson, Kevin Mattinson, Ashley Osborne, and Kenderick Wilson. Without their preparedness, we would not have the safest mines or the best rescue teams in the country.

Ciner Wyoming’s Big Island Mine and Production Facility is a four-time winner of the U.S. Department of Labor Sentinels of Safety award for being the country’s safest underground mine. Our mine and surface rescue teams are consistently among the best in the country, with seven national mine rescue and three international surface rescue championships.

We believe the most important thing to come out of the mine are the miners. Our mission is to nurture a culture founded on safety, supported by integrity, leadership, commitment, and respect. To learn more about our safety performance, visit

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