As a global leader of the soda ash industry, we feel it is our corporate responsibility to set an environment-friendly precedent when it comes to mining trona from the Green River Basin. We understand how important the environment is to the future of our industry. As a result, our soda ash is mined naturally from the ground and refined with no additional chemicals.

Ciner mines trona from the ground and transforms it into soda ash in our aboveground facility utilizing evaporative crystallizer technology. The Ciner method is not only environmentally friendly, it produces a purer, high-quality product. Our evaporative crystallizer technology allows us to recycle, refine, and reuse soda ash throughout the purification process. Like all evaporative systems, a concentrated aqueous solution is introduced to maintain the purity and quality of the refined soda ash product. The run-off of this stream (a mixture of soda ash and water) is contained in holding ponds throughout the facility. Ciner has developed a unique solution to reduce the capacity of these ponds and recover the useable soda ash, effectively recovering waste while improving efficiencies. The purified soda ash crystals, chemically sodium carbonate decahydrate, is harvested from the ponds seasonally and introduced as an additional feedstock to complement the mining of trona ore to produce soda ash at the facility.

We take pride in the fact that all our products are made from naturally occurring ingredients. Ciner soda ash is pure and safe enough to be added to food products that are consumed every day. In addition, Ciner soda ash is more environmentally friendly than other products that could be used in its place. Ciner is committed to working towards producing innovative, reliable, and safe products for the environment and for the future.