At Ciner Resources, we are not only dedicated to supplying the world with superior soda ash, we are also committed to the safety of our employees and our surroundings, including the communities and environment where we live and work. At every level, we nurture a culture founded on safety, integrity, leadership, commitment and respect. We are committed to behavior-based principle-driven safety, health processes, and programs, led by effective management systems and employee involvement. Every Ciner employee, from the plant in Green River, to our corporate headquarters in Atlanta, is empowered to modify any operation that poses a potential threat to themselves, their fellow workers, the surrounding community, or the environment. In fact, if a job cannot be completed safely, it simply will not be done.

Our exceptional safety performance and numerous awards are proof of our ongoing commitment to our employees. Ciner Wyoming’s Big Island Mine and Production Facility is a four-time winner of the U.S. Department of Labor Sentinels of Safety award for being the country’s safest underground mine. Our mine and surface rescue teams are consistently among the best in the country, with seven national mine rescue and three international surface rescue championships. Most recently, Ciner Wyoming was named 2018 Overall Mine Rescue Champion in the national Mine Safety and Health Administration’s annual Metal/Non-Metal Mine Rescue Contest.

Not only do we strive for safety in our Wyoming mine and at our Atlanta headquarters, we also strive to ensure full compliance with local, national, international, and industry requirements, regulations and certifications. Even though soda ash is not classified as being flammable, explosive or toxic, we take precautions to handle it with care. When working with soda ash, our team members wear protective eye googles, respiratory masks, and skin protection, including long sleeved shirts, pants, and gloves. We also encourage the use of safety belts and lifelines to those entering bins or silos containing soda ash.

At Ciner, we truly believe the most important thing to come out of the mine are the miners. To learn more about our safety performance, visit and stay connected for additional updates.