Ciner Resources Corporation mines, processes, and ships one of the most widely used and important commodities in the United States—soda ash. To date, the chemical industry accounts for approximately 15% of annual soda ash produced.

Sodium carbonate, or soda ash, is a natural source of sodium ions which is required in the production of many sodium-rich products. It also greatly supports the solubility and reactivity of many inorganic compounds in water. As a result, soda ash is used as a raw material for the economical production of sodium phosphates, sodium silicates, chrome chemicals and photographic chemicals. It is also used in the production of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), which is an essential ingredient in the beverage (fizzy drinks), coatings, detergents, food, dialysis, and personal care markets.

The raw material is vital for the production of various chemical fertilizers, such as synthetic sodium nitrates and fragmented phosphates. Production of artificial sodium bentonites or activated bentonites also requires soda as in its natural form.

Unprocessed, soda ash is also used as a chemical in the following industries:

  • Synthetic detergent manufacturing
  • Organic and inorganic coloring industry
  • Enameling industry
  • Petroleum industry
  • Fats, glues, and gelatin industry

Natural soda ash is also a cost-effective substitute for caustic soda or sodium hydroxide, which is named after its chemical identity as a sodium hydrate and because it is caustic or corrosive. In pure form, it readily absorbs water and forms aqueous solutions. Caustic soda can be used for pH adjustments, acid neutralizations, flue gas desulfurization, and in kraft pulping. It’s also used in the manufacturing of additional sodium chemicals including sodium sulfate, sodium sulfite, sodium acetate, sodium nitrite, and sodium citrate. As sodium hydroxide, it is commonly used in everyday products such as: cleaning and disinfectant products, pharmaceuticals, medicine, water treatments, paper products, and more.

Ciner soda ash provides the chemical processing industry with superior, environmentally-friendly, high quality soda ash. Our all-natural approach keeps costs low, allowing us to distribute Ciner soda ash all over the world in a cost-effective and competitive manner. For more information on our products or services, please contact our Customer Service Team at (800) 865-1774 or