(View article) reports that “Soda ash is an essential material used in the manufacturing of glass, detergents, chemicals and various industrial products….Increasing demand for end-user industries namely automobile and building & construction in US and Canada is expected to fuel the market growth in the region.” When houses and buildings are constructed, the need for glass windows and insulation increases. Ciner Resources Corporation is here to provide the industry with a cost-effective solution.

Ciner mines, processes, and ships one of the most widely used and important commodities in the U.S.—soda ash. The naturally occurring raw material is used in a variety of industries and applications world-wide, and is an essential material used in the building industry.

After it is mined and processed, soda ash is used to create two important products necessary for constructing every building: fiberglass insulation and flat glass (glass panels, windows, and doors). Because soda ash, or sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), is soluble in water, it is often used as a pH regulator to maintain stable alkaline conditions. In the brick laying sector, it proves to be a good plasticizer and water reducing agent, providing a sound structure. Soda ash is also used in another widely used construction material, concrete. As water plays a large role in the preparation of concrete, the addition of soda ash can help accelerate setting times for workers. When creating flat glass, the compound is used to help lower melting points and its alkali effectively supports the shaping of the glass items.

Ciner soda ash is naturally mined from the ground and refined with no additional chemicals providing the building industry with superior, environmentally-friendly, high quality soda ash. Our all-natural approach keeps costs low, allowing us to distribute Ciner soda ash all over the world in a cost-effective and competitive manner. For more information on our products or services, please contact our Customer Service Team at (800) 865-1774 or