Ciner Group is the holding company for Ciner Resources. Founded in 1978, it is one of Turkey’s largest corporations focusing on the mining, energy, glass, chemicals, media, shipping, and tourism sectors. Many of theses subsidiaries are ranked among Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises. Dedicated to the future, under the “50 THOUSAND 50” agenda, Ciner Group plans to create a workforce of 50,000 employees that will construct 50 modern educational institutions for the Ministry of National Education to help better serve students across the country. Ciner Group’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to create jobs in many different areas and, as a direct result, contributes greatly to the economic, social, and cultural development of Turkey.

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Energy + Mining
Responsible for moving Turkey into International Standards in the mining sector, the group continues to produce a significant product yield. Includes Park Termik, Park Teknik, Park Elektrik, Silopi Elektrik, Park Topter and Konya Ilgin Elektrik.
Glass + Chemicals
Consistently a global leader in the soda ash industry, the group is expected to produce 7 million tons by 2018. Includes Eti Soda, Ciner Resources, Kazan Soda Electric, and Park Cam.
One of Turkey’s most important media groups, producing high quality content under an impartial editorial policy. Includes Ciner Publishing Holding, Show TV, Habertürk Newspaper, Habertürk TV, Bloomberg TV, Habertürk Printing, and C Production Film Industry.
Turkey’s youngest and largest fleet, the group maintains a strategic location in the Black Sea. Includes Ciner Navigation, Ciner Shipping, and Park Navigation.
Additional Sectors
Continuing to create jobs in a wide range of other sectors, including Ciner Aviation, Havas Tourism, LaresPark Hotel, Denmar Warehousing, and Park Insurance.


“Our objective at Ciner Group is to create worldwide, industry leading companies as well as construct 50 educational institutions with a labor force of 50,000 people thereby contributing financially, culturally and socially to our country’s future.”

Turgay Ciner

Chairman of Ciner Group


Focused on contributing to Turkey’s economic, social, and cultural development, Ciner Group is dedicated to making a positive impact on every aspect of the country’s future.

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