Ciner Resources Corporation naturally mines trona 850 feet below the earth in Green River, Wyoming. In our above ground facility, we transform that trona into pure soda ash. Generally a powdered or granular material, soda ash can be processed into three main grades—light, medium, or dense. Even though these densities have the same chemical properties and only differ in physical characteristics such as bulk density, particle size, and shape, industries require different soda ash densities to make a variety of everyday products. Based on the needs of our clients, Ciner soda ash is manufactured into the industry’s two most popular consistencies—dense and medium dense.

Dense soda ash is used to manufacture high-grade flat glass, glass containers, and detergents. As small as a grain of sand, dense soda ash’s particle size uniformity provides a predictable and controllable viscosity which results in a smooth glass product free from distortion. This density also provides fewer issues with soda ash fines, which saves money during production, dusting, and while handling the product. It also emits lower chloride and iron levels providing manufacturing molds and furnaces a longer life.

Medium dense soda ash is a highly versatile product due to its ability to absorb high levels of liquid. This ability limits dust and segregation problems that are often associated with lighter soda ash. Its natural absorption also makes it the preferred alternative to synthetic light soda ash. A popular density among aqueous solutions, medium dense soda ash dissolves in water much faster than other densities allowing manufacturers to affordably create chemicals, detergents, soaps, and more.

Ciner dense and medium dense soda ash is used every day in a variety of industries and applications around the world. Some include glass manufacturing, dry powder detergents (e.g. laundry, auto dish, etc.), pulp processing, pH control, speciality chemicals manufacturing (e.g. phosphates, chromium, etc.), and food manufacturing (e.g. yeast, baking soda, etc.). Using our environmentally friendly mining method, Ciner is positioned to supply the world with superior soda ash today and for decades to come. For more information on the different densities of soda ash, visit or